Virtual Visits

MONITORED ZOOM CALLS Monitored zoom calls are a great tool to use when one parent or the other is uncooperative or disruptive during a child's court ordered virtual visits. Allowing the calls to take place in the visitation center can assure that calls are not interrupted by distractions, sudden disconnection or interference from others. Calling parents are monitored for inappropriate conversations/questions and calls can be ended by supervisor if necessary.

It is often said that 30 minutes is too long for a zoom call. We have found that kids as young as 18 months old, given the opportunity to move about during the call are more engaged and interact better than kids asked to sit at a monitor for an "interview" type contact. We are excited to offer another way for kids to stay connected with their non-custodial parents. For more information on Virtual Visits contact us at:682-459-5967

Our new Zoom Room allows us to place the monitor at the child's level any where in the room and interact with parents while they play, read, color or even enjoy a board game or card game together.